Being taken to a tasty duck restaurant in Beijing

26th July 2014

When I was in St Petersburg I met a lovely mother and daughter who were living in Beijing, Joanne and Stephanie, and they said to contact them when I got here and they would take me to a duck restaurant.  True to their word we went to the Beijing DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant.  Wow, the food was simply amazing, and it was extremely nice of them to take me out for one of the best meals I’d had in a long time!

Succulent duck meat with pancakes and an assortment of tasty accompaniments and dips.



This was followed by two unusual, but tasty desserts.


One made from peas, and the other from red beans!  They weren’t as sweet as a dessert I would have back home, but somewhere half way between savoury and sweet, and extremely tasty.  Joanne and Stephanie were great company for the evening, and I enjoyed chatting with them over the delicious food.  I hope to see them in England one day, where I said I would take them for a typically British Sunday roast (my mouth waters every time I hear these words, can’t beat a few glasses of vino and cooking a roast on a Sunday).


This wasn’t on our menu but I thought it worthy of a photo – a sea cucumber apparently!


The next day, I actually did something I thought it would take me a lot longer to do……I shipped my hairdryer home!  I actually did it!  This was a toughy, but I figured most places have hairdryers, and when they don’t, hey I’ll just go curly locks!  I shipped a few other bits too that I didn’t want to just ditch (my beloved Killarney hoody being one of them, don’t think I’ll be needing a woolly jumper from now on!). So in 3 months time these should arrive safely home, they’ll have nearly as much of a journey as me! (Surface mail = very cheap!)

5 thoughts on “Being taken to a tasty duck restaurant in Beijing”

  1. Looks as if you had a delicious meal!! How nice to meet up with some previous travellers too. Hope your stuff arrives home before you do!!!
    Erica & Tony xxx

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