Hi and welcome to my travel blog!

I’m Claire, a 30 something from Southampton, United Kingdom, and am just about to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Please follow me as I gallivant around the world!




10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good Luck Claire We Will All Miss You in South Wonston While You Are Away, Come Back Safe & Sound. Barry & Sandie xxx

  2. Claire lovely to meet you – there isn’t a link on your blog to privately email you. What’s your facebook to keep in touch? Sorry to leave this as a comment – I had no other way of connecting with you!

    1. It’s Claire McHale. At the mo I’m lucky to get anything on the blog! Finding wordpress a little in depth and I’ve only really had short bursts at it, need a crash course ha ha!

  3. Hi Claire have been following your travels really good blog Mick and Jean Andrews where over the moon with the letter thanks very much Best Wishes Dave x

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