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A short trip to Kampot and Kep, Cambodia

23rd-24th September 2014

As a one night side trip we got the bus down to Kampot. Well, it was one of their ‘minivan’ buses, which basically means the driver will do the trip in as fast a time as possible.  I’d say we spent about 80% of the journey on the wrong side of the road!

Once there we hired bikes and rode down to Kep. Here is where I got my Cambodian tattoo…… Continue reading A short trip to Kampot and Kep, Cambodia

Mr.T – The Drunken Tuk Tuk Driver!

After the harrowing day at the killing fields, the day did a much needed u-turn, and turned out to be an authentic day with a group of Cambodians, who are a fantastically friendly bunch.
It was a national holiday in Cambodia,  and Mr.T asked us if we wanted to go to his home village for a party, and he’d bring us back later on, so we jumped at the chance! You are always weary when in these kind of situations, but gut instinct goes a long way in keeping you safe. This guy knew everyone in Phnom Penh, he was talking to everyone and seemed a pretty popular guy in the town. On the way to his village, he stopped at a friend’s house where we got to say hello to her and her baby, and it was pretty evident that this was just one friendly normal guy, and not a mad tuk tuk driving kidnapper!  Well, maybe he was mad but certainly not in a horrible way! Continue reading Mr.T – The Drunken Tuk Tuk Driver!