A Spider so big, it deserves a post of its own!

30th July 2014

I can’t believe I forgot to include this monstrosity in my Guilin post, but then that’s because it probably warrants a post of its own!

So, I’m sitting at the huge dining table of the lovely house in Langshi that I was staying at, and Sergio, from his room, shouts out that there is a big spider in there.  Mark came out and promptly said it was fake, so I went in there and took a look for myself….

It was so big, that it couldn’t be real……could it?

I said to Sergio, ‘that’s not real is it?’

Sergio – ‘yes, yes it’s real’
Me – ‘is it? Oh my God is it really real? No, it can’t be, it’s fake isn’t it?’
Sergio – ‘seriously, it’s real’
Me – ‘Oh my God it can’t be, that’s not real is it?’

At this point the panic was setting in and I kept repeating that it couldn’t be real!

Sergio assured me it wasn’t, so at this point I was quite amazed by it, as it sat there motionless on the wall, so I ran into the other room to grab my camera, came back in the room and got a shot of it.

And then………IT MOVED! So bloody fast down the wall that I completely freaked out, grabbed poor Sergio’s arm and screamed as Mark was walking into the room and nearly made him hit the ceiling!  At this point I was frantically scanning for an escape route, the bed was a no no as it had the mosquito net covering it, the chairs were covered in clothes so there was nothing I could jump onto should this eight legged beast decide it wanted to launch itself across the floor and, god forbid, over my foot!

On hearing the commotion (namely my girly screams) our caretaker Haibo dashed in to take care of it.  I couldn’t be anywhere near this spider if someone was going to attempt to go near it, for fear of it launching itself onto me (as they do!).  I insisted I had to get out of the room, and so I jumped across the threshold of the door and legged it into the other room while he dealt with it.  I have actually never been this scared or panicked by a spider.  Even the one in the cave didn’t phase me.  But this one, was big, black, and very very fast.

The offending spider – it is nearly the height of the sink, and almost as big as the tap (almost)!!!  The photo I don’t think makes it look as big as it even was – honestly!

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