Degree required…travel blog imminent

Well, it appears you need a degree to work this WordPress blogging site out, but I am assured it is the best in the market, and once said degree has been achieved, I’m sure this will be a sparkly, shiny, full of fabulous worldy stories, travel blog….. orangutan confused

6 thoughts on “Degree required…travel blog imminent”

  1. Hello Kid, I am not forgetting you, I have just found out how to comment. It seems a truly wonderful experience so far and so much more to come .Missing you lots but console myself in knowing you are following your dreams (and mine)! Daddykins XXXXX

    1. Thanks Daddykins! Have you been to the phone shop yet to sort out your phone? If you get whatsapp I can message you directly, and skype call too. Missing you lots too xxxx

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